We build strong relationships and exceed expectations.

At the confluence of real estate, law, and finance, our first responsibility is to our clients. We distinguish ourselves by offering boutique closing and escrow services and delivering unparalleled service to our customers. This personalized approach recognizes that every client has his or her own business style and that a direct, hands-on approach with every guaranty file allows us to better learn, anticipate, and fulfill their needs. Through dedication to task and delivery, we’ve built our reputation on providing title and escrow services to clients who demand excellence, delivered by a staff of committed title professionals.

Our employees are our strongest asset and our greatest strength. The tenure of our staff attests to our commitment to building and maintaining relationships. In a job market where longevity is the exception, we’ve created an exceptional work environment. By promoting talent and recognizing aptitude, we’ve built a team of expert and professional individuals who have a passion for service and a commitment to success. Furthermore, the continuity provided by a loyal and dedicated staff provides our customers with a consistent level of service that they can depend upon, closing after closing.

And last, but certainly not least, our value system prioritizes God, family and business, in that order. We are grateful that the divine hand of Providence guides our business and our lives.

Escrow Officers
Our escrow officers handle each transaction in a friendly and highly competent manner. We utilize the latest advances in technology. The experience of our highly qualified and self-motivated staff help to ensure a secure, efficient and relationship-oriented closing process.