Effective Legal Solutions.
Trusted Title Expertise.

Effective Legal Solutions

We build strong relationships and exceed expectations.

At Walt Fair, PLLC you will find skilled attorneys and escrow officers who provide excellent legal and title services to clients throughout Texas and the nation. We are located in Waco, Texas and have two office locations in the city.

Walt Fair, PLLC is a law firm focusing in select areas of the law. Because we do not attempt to provide legal services in every area, we are able to provide the highest level of competence and legal representation in a responsive, expert, value added, and personal manner for our clients, whose testimonials are indicative of the trust placed in our firm.

Our transaction attorneys provide a depth of expertise in all aspects of real estate law, including residential and commercial real estate, development, and construction law. Additionally, our attorneys have helped form hundreds of businesses and assisted business owners throughout the state with a myriad of legal problems.

We are lifelong residents of the Waco area and have an intimate knowledge of local culture and enjoy close relationships with community leaders and members of the judiciary and local bar.

Our Value Statement

Our value system prioritizes God, family and business, in that order. We are grateful that the divine hand of Providence guides our business and our lives.

Trusted Title Expertise

Besides being a law firm, Walt Fair, PLLC is also an independent title company underwriting for the most prominent title insurance underwriters in the nation. Because we are attorney owned and operated, our clients have the unique insight of experienced attorneys overseeing their transactions and representing their interests. If legal issues do arise, we resolve them quickly and efficiently.

At Walt Fair, PLLC, we understand the intricacies and nuances of residential, commercial, investor, and builder and developer transactions. No matter the size of the transaction, we have the knowledge and expertise to safely navigate your deal to a successful close.

Our escrow officers provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise in closing real estate transactions. We close hundreds of transactions each month, and our experienced escrow team is trained to identify and resolve title issues in an efficient manner. Additionally, with two in-house attorneys, your title team provides you with a transaction settlement expertise far exceeding that offered by traditional title companies.